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Virtual Scavenger Hunt Games to Enjoy and Stay Safe at Home

What are the Virtual Scavenger games? Yes, You also play that which is known as Digital Scavenger Hunt or Online Scavenger hunt. These are very funny and encouraging games for players. In these games, you should find different items or do all challenges before time runs out. In this bad current situation of Covid 19 around the world, you couldn’t go out to play games with your friends. So you can play this game easily with your friends and it will help you to maintain a good connection with your friends to stay safe.

virtual scavenger hunt

There are so many Virtual Scavenger Hunt games and the ideas of these games are chosen with the ages, interests, and backgrounds of the players. Mainly we can categories them into four groups.

What are the types of Virtual Scavenger Hunt games?

1) Most standard virtual scavenger hunt games
2) Virtual scavenger hunt games for kids
3)Virtual scavenger hunt games for students
4) virtual scavenger hunt games for adults.

virtual scavenger hunt

How do you play the game of Virtual Scavenger Hunt?

You can use the following steps to arrange this amazing game named Virtual Scavenger Hunt with your friends.

1) Create your list of challenges for the game

First of all, you should have to create your list of challenges for this game. You can create this by using simple things that can easily gather for your team members around their houses. As well as you can add simple challenges in yo your list such as getting a selfie with your pet, acting a TikTok video, etc.
After that, you can assign points to your challenges. You should add more points for more difficult challenges and items.

You can use basic challenges such as a photo of your lunch, desk, a view from your home window, a selfie, your computer screen.

virtual scavenger hunt

2) Gather your friends to the game

After creating your list, you should gather friends to the game and you can call a video call for all the members. In this meeting, you can explain the rules to your team members and set a suitable time frame for 45 minutes for the game. After that, you can give your list to the members of your game.

What are the rules that can include in your virtual scavenger hunt?

  • Don’t leave your location. you must find items on your premises.
  • Don’t play screenshots for the challenges.
  • Submit your challenges and items within the time frame that give you.

You can add any other rule for this list after the dissolution of team members. By using these rules you can play safely and easily with your friends.

virtual scavenger hunt


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