Turkey earthquake: Big tsunami and buildings collapse

The coast of Turkey has faced multiple earthquakes these days. There has been extensive damage that happened to the nearest residents. This is a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. There have been five more other tremors for that certain region. That is within some small period of time. As the EMSC, that the depth of the initial quake is about 5 km. The epicenter of the initial earthquake is about 10 kilometers north of the Greek island of Samos. The initially measured magnitude is about 7.0 but Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency measured that as 6.6.

terrible earthquakes turkey
terrible earthquakes turkey

There had several building collapses and even the starting of the tsunami disaster. Those all can be seen by the videos shared by the EMSC. As the counted number of buildings, altogether 20 buildings have been collapsed in the city of Izmir. Aside from that, there have more other several damages that have taken place within the surrounding regions of the Izmir. At the end of all these events, the governor of Istanbul has announced that there are no negative results after analyzing. That is a really better incident. 

after the earthquake
after the earthquake

  The Samos have all together with the population over 45000. Those people have warned have to stay away from the coastal area. Actually after analyzing all the facts regarding the all details about the Turkey earthquake, the governor of Istanbul had stated that, “this is a big earthquake, it’s difficult to have a bigger one” finally. Finally, Please stay home stay safe from covid 19.

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