PDO ThreadLift for a Youthful Appearance

Everyone has that little moment when they don’t feel like themselves when they look in the mirror. It’s a quick moment, but it tarnishes your self-image. Putting on tons of makeup could be a temporary fix and make you feel a little better, but not only can it be bad for your skin, it also takes a lot of skill and talent to make it look natural.

Why go through so many great lengths when far more convenient options are available in your local area. There are tons of cosmetic clinics that treat their patients with some truly amazing procedures. These include Botox, dermal fillers and the PDO thread lift NYC clinics’ three heavyweights in restoring vigour and youthfulness to the face.

Trying even one of these can yield some amazing results, allowing you to look young and fresh once more. All three have gotten really popular in the beauty industry and recent trends show that their popularity is only going to keep growing. 

What They’re For

When it comes to being a candidate for any of these three procedures, it’s not simply about being physically eligible for the treatments themselves. Making sure that your body will accept and work with the injected compounds and threads is a huge part of preparing for the cosmetic treatments, but there is a bit more to it than just a physical checkup.

You also have to be mentally ready for the changes that you’re going to see. These procedures aren’t just there to make people look like a magazine cover model. They’re there to make sure that anyone who doesn’t feel confident when seeing their own face can get that small boost of confidence. And from time to time, everyone’s been in that position, where something, even the smallest detail of our face or body just doesn’t fit the image we’ve created for ourselves.

This is why we have so many cosmetic treatments. Because somewhere out there are people who aren’t happy with how they look and they feel trapped, believing that there is no way out of their discomfort. But there is and it’s more accessible today than it has ever been in the past. So, if at any point, you’ve felt like your appearance doesn’t do you enough justice, then cosmetic treatments could be an answer.


Currently one of the most popular cosmetic treatments on the market, Botox has really made a name for itself. Loved by actors and celebrities across the world, you won’t find a modern cosmetic clinic that doesn’t offer Botox injections. It’s just too popular and for some very good reasons.

First of all, it’s super safe. The compound is carefully handled by highly seasoned professionals, whose laser accurate handiwork allows them to bring out some truly captivating results with a minimally invasive procedure. With only a few side effects that follow the procedure, Botox is one of the most effective, yet affordable and painless treatments on the market.

It works by temporarily paralyzing the nerves which are responsible for the constant muscle contractions under your face. These contractions aren’t anything to worry about, but they are the reason why we have static wrinkles and trenches on our faces. When the nerves are paralyzed, the muscles stop contracting and the facial skin smooths out and flattens, deemphasizing the wrinkles and other age marks.

Dermal Fillers

While Botox works from the muscular layer of your face, dermal fillers work with the actual skin. They don’t numb any muscles like Botox does. Instead, they fill various areas of your face, lifting and tightening the skin slightly to restore facial volume.

Our faces get saggy over time. If not because of our busy lifestyles and the constant wear and tear skin goes through, but rather through the constant gravitational pressure that pulls the tissues down. You’ll find parts of your face, which were once chiseled and smooth, getting saggy and wrinkled. This is completely natural and happens to everyone.

Dermal filler injections fill certain areas under your skin with a special hyaluronic acid gel, which can hold a lot of moisture. This allows it to expand and pull the skin tighter. Once injected, you’ll notice an immediate difference, as the face becomes smoother, the wrinkles less visible and facial features which were lost under saggy skin begin to appear. You’ll mostly see this in the form of cheekbones, the jawline, chin and other beautiful contours and edges that a younger complexion has.

The filler compound is super versatile, able to handle a large variety of wrinkles, saggy skin, age marks and expression lines. It’s hyaluronic acid-based compound is very convenient to work with for practitioners, making the treatment very safe.

PDO Thread Lift

Finally, there’s the thread lift. Unlike the other two treatments, it has more steps to it than just a few well-placed injections. 

As the name implies, much like how dermal fillers lift up the skin to smooth out wrinkles, this treatment uses PDO threads which are inserted under the skin. Using a special tool which goes in through one end of the skin and comes out the other, these PDO threads latch onto the skin from the inside. After being massaged into place, the threads lift up the skin and hold it tight.

One of the main advantages of PDO thread lifts is how long they last. You can expect to see the outcome of the procedure for 18 months, with some variation in appearance as time goes by. 

If you live in a big city, you’ll find many practitioners that are qualified to perform the PDO thread lift NYC clinics especially. You have a lot of great centers to pick from in NYC, including Skinly Aesthetics. They get a lot of great feedback for their thread lift procedures and the results speak for themselves, in the form of countless satisfied patients.

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