What is the outlook in terms of employment growth and opportunities for nurses in the next few years?

There is no doubt that choosing which career path to follow is an important decision. Healthcare is one sector that attracts many people and is often seen as a good choice for job security. That is why many people train to become nurses and take advantage of the demand for their skills. But just what is the predicted outlook in terms of employment growth in healthcare and nursing opportunities?

What is the future outlook for US healthcare as a sector? 

Healthcare has always been a key sector in the economy and one of the biggest employers on a national scale. As nurses play such a vital role in patient care, the robust nature of healthcare as a sector is great news for this type of role. Many believe that healthcare will continue to play a pivotal role in society moving forward and will continue to expand. As a result, the US healthcare sector is pegged to grow by 15% by 2029 and global healthcare revenue may hit over $11trn by 2022. This sort of outlook makes it a vibrant sector to move into and this is definitely true for nursing roles.

But what sort of nursing careers could be in demand looking forward?

Advanced practice registered nurse 

This role is a senior level in nursing and is likely to remain in high demand for hospitals and private clinics in the future. You would usually need high-level qualifications to work in this role, with the doctorate of nursing practice being a good example. If you are looking to study this qualification, Wilkes University is a wise choice. Their online courses are not only convenient but come with superb support for students and an innovative approach to learning. With a 31% growth expected from 2014 to 2024, this is an in-demand nursing role.

Nurse practitioner 

Another great opportunity is nurse practitioner. As with APRN nurses, this is a crucial role in the whole healthcare system and one which should therefore remain in demand. A nurse practitioner can diagnose patients, prescribe medication and can even open their own unsupervised practice in some US states.

Registered nurse 

Registered nurses are another vital cog in the health sector machine and represent a good career opportunity in nursing. As RNs are responsible for the majority of daily patient care in hospitals or clinics, they will always be needed. With a predicted future job growth of 26%, this role is definitely a nursing opportunity for the future. 

Healthcare is a booming sector 

As the above shows, the future outlook for healthcare as a sector seems rosy. This is mainly down to an aging population and an increased demand on health services caused by COVID-19. While following steps to stay healthy during COVID-19 can help, many people unfortunately have still needed professional care. Nurses play a vital role in this and the above career options look set to be in demand looking ahead. 


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