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Online Team Building Activities- Enjoy Your Life and Stay Safe

Nowadays people are very attentive to the topic of virtual team building activities because of this Covid 19 Pandemic. What are the virtual team building activities? yes, you already have known it as Online team building activities. It helps you to get a nice communication with your colleagues. Online team building activities are mainly listed for remote teams with including so many different games such as Online Bingo, Online Scavenger Hunt, Happy Hour, Emoji Stories, Book Club, Farm Field Trip, etc.

Online Team Building Activities

In this post, we tell you about the most popular online team building activities which can give you laugh a lot.

Online Team Building Activities

Remote team building games can turn individual people into teams works more cooperatively. As well as it is very important to improve the performance and trust each other. The priority of these games is not only focusing on good team building and you can get good teamwork with your friends also.

1) Scissor paper rock tournament

You should have to open your favorite video conferencing software like the Zoom app. Then You can play the game of scissor paper rock tournament with its virtual version.
First of all, find a partner for your game. Now you can play “scissor paper rock” until one wins. So the winner of the game should have to find a new opponent and the other player becomes the fan for the next tournament. You can repeat this game until the game has only two opponents with a huge fan base.

Online Team Building Activities

2) Online Scavenger Hunt games

These are very funny and encouraging games for players. In these games, you should find different items or do all challenges before time runs out. In this bad current situation around the world, you couldn’t go out to play games with your friends. So you can play this game easily with your friends and it will help you to maintain a good connection with your friends to stay safe.

3) Birth Map

This is also a fun activity for you and your friends. By playing Birth Map you can learn something new about your friend. First, You should share an image of a world via google maps with your friends. Then invite your friends to place a sticker on their birthplace. After that, you can ask them to tell a story about the birthplace.

Online Team Building Activities

4) Community Coffee Break

Community Coffee break is a wonderful game that can give more pleasure to your friends. You should schedule 15 minute period every week and you can join your friends with a video chat in video chat application software like Zoom. Then you can you that scheduled period for talk and get a cup of coffee with your friends. So by playing games like this your friends can communicate well and share their new experiences in the previous week.


Online Team Building Activities

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