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Oh shoot, The issue with the Tutars Babysitter In Borat 2

There are many many shenanigans and tomfoolery in the original Borat movie. Here anyone who watches this will explore a handful of heartwarming moments even. Then after the releasing movie, the GoFoundMe is up to Jeanie Jones. She is an actress that hasn’t paid enough for her appearance in the film. Currently, she is unemployed due to the arisen unfortunate pandemic. 

Ware mask save lives
Ware mask save lives

Then after that, the issue was reported to certain fundraising organizations. After that step, altogether $131,000 gave to Jeanie Jones. Many people have become aware of Jeanise Jones through the Internet. However, she is having a very hard time in her lifetime. Therefore many people have helped her due to the humanity of them. Also, there is more sufficient time, if anyone wants to help her with funds. 

Tutar – Borat 2 screenshot, babysitter

Jeanie Jones is identified as this. “a moral compass and a light shining in the darkness”, in the Borat subsequent movie film. Aside from that another star from the Borat subsequent movie film had donated over $100,000. That will goes for the foods and other needs of the community made up of unemployment. Also, this movie is about the origin of Covid 19.


Jeanie Jones is one of the fan’s favorites of Borat’s subsequent movie. Just after the movie was on the amazon prime video. Jeanie Jones stated that she had felt that as a type of betrayal. Although after the raising up the fund GoFoundMe and with the help of the Sacha baron, Jeanie Jones relieve from that thought.

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