New evidence from police on Walter Wallace Jr.’s murder case in Philadelphia

The officials of Philadelphia have stated that they want to release 911 audio and the police body camera footage within a small time period. This footage is about the fatal shooting of Walter Wallace Jr. The family of Wallace has stated that he had a mental illness and they have called for 911 with the intention of getting help for mental disorders. The police came first and on that occasion, Wallace had a knife in his hand. 

walter wallace jr
Walter Wallace jr.

Here two unidentified officers are on the scene. According to the police, they have been fired seven times. That is so critical.  This happens before the US election. It was still under investigation, but suddenly the officers revealed the footage. The family of Wallace had told that they had seen the police body camera on Thursday. However, the family of Wallace is lacking with the proper practice and other required instruments. And now they don’t want to be charged for this murder case. 


 However, the attorney of the Wallace family had criticized the training of the police. The attorney has said that the police hadn’t the ability to control the situation. Although the police didn’t have the taser stone accessories. Finally, the attorney has stated that “the police haven’t trained properly and they are lacking the instruments required to control such a situation. 

For walter wallace jr
For Walter Wallace jr.

However, there are conflicting views stated by the different parties about this fatal shooting. It can be further concerned just after revealing the footage.” But what you did not see, and what you will not see — and mark my words on this — you will not see a man with a knife lunging”, finally attorney has mentioned this finally. There is more info from CNN

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