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Maximise Garage Space with Smart Drawer Storage

Garages are one of the most challenging areas to maximise storage space in. This may sound surprising, given a garage will usually have more space than an office, kitchen, or seating area. But in reality it’s precisely because a garage can have such an abundance of space that its drawers can quickly get cluttered as little time or planning goes into how to maximise storage in a space that’s often little-used save for vehicle parking. But it doesn’t need to be this way, and it’s possible to have a smart drawer storage system in the garage. Let’s look now at how to do that. 

Take a Inventory of Any Items Currently in Drawers

If any garage drawers are cluttered at present, the first step involves taking an inventory of them. There will likely be some items in the mix that should be kept. But it’s also the case there will surely be many others that can either go elsewhere, or be thrown out. Once an inventory has been taken, it’s also wise to consider the last time items were used. In certain circumstances even a good item should be thrown out if it’s just simply not finding use anymore. 


Define a Clear Purpose for Each Drawer

A great way to keep a garage’s drawer storage free of clutter is to define a specific purpose for each drawer. For instance, storing stationery in one drawer, and other items like small tools in a different drawer. Then, seek to see the purpose of the draw is maintained going forward, and no items are placed in there that shouldn’t be. 

Only Place Items That Fit Neatly Inside the Drawer

One of the biggest problems with drawer storage involves how items clash with one another internally. Even if an item fits fine by itself, it isn’t hard for two items that together take up a large area to become wedged together. As a result, items like this increase the risk of clutter occurring. Yet by only storing items that fit neatly it shrinks the chance a blockage will occur. 

Ensure the Drawer Is Easy to Open and Close

Draws that are stuck or otherwise difficult to open make people less likely to keep them neat as it can be harder to see all the contents in the drawer. This means clutter can easily build up. But by maintaining draws to avoid them getting stuck, the risk clutter will occur decreases considerably. That’s why ensuring drawers open and close easily is vital to maximising the effective use of drawers. 

Utilise a Plastic Storage Drawer to Aid Organisation

As a result of all the little bits and pieces that go into a drawer it can still be easy for them to get cluttered sometimes. That’s why making use of a drawer organiser can be a fantastic move. A plastic storage drawer can assist in preventing clutter, and make organisation easy. Not only on a temporary basis, but an ongoing one. 


Using smart drawer storage to maximise garage space involves achieving two key aims. First, to remove clutter anywhere it exists. Second, to optimise how storage of items occurs in future. By following these tips here, it’s possible to achieve both aims in any garage, and enjoy all the benefits like increased productivity that can come when garage storage space is used at its best.



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