Jeff Bridges gives an update on his battle with cancer

Jeff bridge thanked everyone that has supported while diagnosing the lymphoma. Finally, he had thanks to everyone who had supported by only a single word. Jeff Bridge is a 60 years old actor. Also, Jeff bridge had posted photos on social media while wearing a hospital gown. By that image, even the Jeff bridge is shown to be in the best health condition. 

Jeff Bridges
Jeff Bridges

With the intention of thanking everyone he had posted by saying, ” I want to thank you all for reaching out during this time, it feels good getting all the well wishes and love!”. Further, he had stated that there are more details will be posted on his site. By the updates of the bridge that seems, during the diagnosing season he had realized more new qualities. That is depicted by the notes of his personal blog. Further, he had stated that cancer disease brings qualities like gratitude, love, and preciousness. 

young Jeff Bridges
young Jeff Bridges

That is what he had learned so far. Although he stated that, he had realized more other important qualities with cancer too. And bridge has identified that love is like a spreading virus among all of the people. During that hard time, Bridges received love from all his fans. Finally, he wrote on his blog, he would like you to create a beautiful life for all in the world. But it can’t be done all alone. That’s why he is asking the contribution of others to succeed in his aim. Stay safe, stay home.

 Jeff Bridges before died
Jeff Bridges before died

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