How to make a paper airplane that go far?

Have you ever made a paper airplane? Do you know how to make a paper airplane that goes far?  Or maybe you want to make a paper airplane for your kid? Actually, I have tested a few ways, and some of them really stood out as winners. I like to share the best experiences about making a paper airplane below. Not only that but also I hope to share some ideas on how to help kids invent their own paper airplane designs. So let’s get started on our funny time with paper airplanes.

Playing with family

Make a paper airplane

Today all the people have busy lifestyles. So they do not have enough free time and because of that most of them have physical and mental problems too. Also, the children should have a lecture time to play games and have fun. Not only the children but also the elders must have free time to relax their minds. And the parents should have to spend time with their kids. If you can not always buy toys, you can make them. Usually, kids like to play with paper planes. And you can teach your kid about how to make a paper airplane easily. So you can make paper airplanes with your kids. Let’s get started with how to make paper airplanes without spending much time.

make a paper airplane

What are the best paper airplane designs?

You can test your paper folding technique with these paper airplane examples. If you are in adulthood these planes are a great way to add a little fun to your day. If you are a beginner, you can try all the below examples very easily.

Enjoy with family

The Dart is one of the most basic versions and it is a simple standard that everyone should know how to make. First, you have to fold the paper in half vertically. Then you can unfold the paper and fold each of the top corners into the centerline. Next, you can fold the top edges into the centerline. After that fold the plane in half toward you. Then you can fold the wings down, and match the top edges up with the bottom edge of the body.


You can make good creases along each edge. Adding double stick tape to the inside of the body keeps the wings from separating in flight. So you can add double stick tape to the inside of the body. Also, there are so many designs to make paper airplanes such as bumble, bullnose, and hunter. So you can help your small children with the trickier folds. If you follow these steps the finished plane will look beautiful.

How to make a paper airplane

What are the things that you want?

  • Papers
  • Markers 
  • A pair of scissors
  • A table
  • A ruler
  • Some double stick tape (optional)


You will need only these things to make paper planes. And the markers are not essential things. You can use a flat, thin-edged ruler for the best results. Actually, the materials are cheap and only require these things to complete the airplane. So what are the steps to make paper airplanes easily?

Steps to make paper planes 

How do you make a paper airplane? Actually, it is a funny activity and it is very easy to make a paper plane with your hands. Are there any sets of instructions for making paper airplanes? Yes, of course. You can get the instructions from the internet easily. Also, you can get them from books too. Here I hope to list down a few simple steps to make a paper plane that goes far. 

You have to select a design

You can look through all of the designs and pick one to start with. So you can set down with your lovely kids and start it. So you have to follow the directions for the paper airplane. If you have ever made origami, this will be very easy for you. Actually, it is the same approach. If you find instructions that are too complicated for your kids, then you have to skip them and find another design to make. 

Making a airplane

You can follow the instructions with your kids

You can teach your children how to make a paper airplane. Once you have explained the instructions, you can invite them over to join you. Actually, there are only a few simple steps to follow.

Iterate and Invent new airplanes

When you have completed the first paper plane,  actually it is very interesting to see where the kids took the project next.  When you have completed the first paper plane,  actually it is very interesting to see where the kids took the project next.

paper airplane

Sometimes your kids will decorate their paper planes with markers and colors. I think they will build a lot of planes to test their new ideas. Also, the children will try new ways in order to figure out how to make it better. You can help them to try their new ideas. I hope it will be enjoyable for not only your children but also for you. 

Test your paper airplane outdoors

Now you can take the paper plane outdoors. Definitely, your kids will love to play with the paper planes outdoors. If not, you can test the planes in the house too. If they amassed a small fleet of planes, the kids can have an airplane show. 

Making a airplane

So If you take the paper airplanes outdoors, you can find which paper airplane flies the best. Also, your kids can see what the planes could do. If your kids want, you can try all the designs with them and have a fly-off to compare them.

What are the advantages of making paper airplanes?

Actually, this is one of the best ways to spend free time. In the end, your kids will have fun bonding. They will be very happy to play together. Not only that but also they will come away with some new design skills. Also, these activities are tools for developing an innovator’s mindset. Definitely, it will build the design skills of your kids. The children can get new experiences with these activities.




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