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Get 10+ Free Features with Local Tradesmen App Package

Have you ever felt helpless while sanitizing your home, or constructing a wooden cradle for your newborn? If yes, then probably you know that even these little things take time, are complex, and need to be done with precision. The immediate thoughts that may cross your mind while doing these jobs may be “Where can I find a Professional Worker for it?” Naturally, humans tend to get professional help when they realize that a particular job is odd for them. And that’s when an Uber for Tradesmen App comes in handy!


This App is designed and coded to offer customers an exclusive array of services of local tradesmen in the areas. The different genres of services include: 

  • Sanitization Services 
  • Car Wash
  • Home Cleaning 
  • Dog Walking 
  • Plumbers 
  • Tow-Trucks
  • Electricians 
  • Disinfection Services

The Local Tradesmen App is the perfect solution for your Business Idea. But how would you bring that to reality? 


White-Labeling Firms hold the caliber of making all your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur come true. Surprisingly, these Firms take only one week to Rebrand their Base App and launch it under your unique brand identity. No one will ever come to know that you’ve launched the most perfect On-Demand Apps for Tradesman Services in such a short period of time. 

Apart from launching an App integrated with rich, value-driven features and 52+ On-Demand Services, the White-Labeling Firm will provide you

FREE features. These will come along with the purchase of the Uber for Tradesmen App package. 

White-Labeling at no extra cost 

This feature is included for Free! The White-Labeling Experts will rebrand their base App and Web Panel with your Company’s Name, Logo, and a matching Color-Theme. 

White-Labeling the App will provide a unique value, appearance, and feel to your Business. Such a unique Identity will speak volumes about your business.  

Licensed Source Code for a Lifetime 

When building a White-Labeled App, the Firm will provide the Entrepreneur with a Lifetime Licensed Source Code for One Domain. Entrepreneurs won’t even have to spend a single penny on renewing the license. 

A One-Time Investment is enough to establish, maintain, and modify your Local Tradesmen App. 

Customizable Licensed Source Code 

After building and launching your App, the Firm zips and sends a 100% open and customizable source code. This feature makes it easier for developers you might hire in the future to make changes or modify the App as per your requirements. 

A Responsive Web Panel 

Having a responsive web panel is essential for an On-Demand Services App because customers with different devices will use your App for bookings. Some customers might open the web panel on their Android or iOS phones, personal computers, tablets, etc. 

Therefore, a completely responsive design ensures a seamless service booking and payment with the Uber for Tradesmen App

The list isn’t over yet! Other FREE Features include Advanced Analysis, Advanced Reports, approval on Play Store and iOS App Store, App Installation, Wallet Money Top Up, and more! 


These FREE Features have lured into giving a thought to this business idea, haven’t they? Well, there’s a whole bunch of perks and benefits that Entrepreneurs reap by launching their own Local Tradesmen App. 


And if you want to launch the World’s Biggest App, of which Local Tradesmen On-Demand is just one of many services, then know more about Gojek Clone KINGX 2022 App!


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