France attack: Nice in morning after deadly church stabbings

There had an unexpected situation in the southern French city. Three people have died during this unexpected incident. This is a knife attack that had happened unexpectedly. French President Emmanuel Macron has stated that this is an Islamic terrorist attack. One of the victims here is the one elderly victim. That old victim has virtually been beheaded. That is the way that the officials have stated. There are two other two victims here. In that case, other women and men even died. Let’s talk about France attack

France attack
France attack

Just after this attack, France alerted the security to the highest level that they could. There was a male suspect in the location. But he is even shot. However, now there have been investigations started against the terrorists. But the anti-terror prosecutors have stated that the attacker was wounded by the police. The attacker is the 21 years old boy. He is a Tunisian nationalist that moved to France nearer. The attacker reached the Italian island from a boat. Although he has been on quarantine for the coronavirus. Please stay home stay safe from covid 19.

eiffel tower during France attack
Eiffel tower during France attack

Apart from attacks taking place in France, there are more other two attacks that have taken place. One in Saudi Arabia and the other one from France itself. As a result that the president has ordered that the number of soldiers is increased to guard public places. Now there are about 7000 deployed soldiers. Actually, the police haven’t guessed the motivation under the attack. They will solve the issue for sure. 

Pray for france
Pray for France

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