Covid 19 updates: Washington DC the heart of USA

The gathering is the most dangerous reason behind the spreading of the coronavirus. That is similar to the other regions just like the other regions of the world. The number of Covid 19 infected people has arisen during this period. It had arisen unusually during the mid-September to mid-October. However, there are many tests for Covid that have been tested as positive. That is an unfortunate effect. 

Life during the Covid 19 in USA
Life during the Covid 19 in the USA

The Washington health state officers have mentioned thoroughly that the infected people are arising during this period. The prevention of the spreading is in your hands. If it spreads like this, there might be severe effects. Therefore health administrative officers have stated that to follow these steps for avoiding the viral infection. Here is the status of the spreading Covid 19 throughout Washington. You might have to be more careful than ever. 

Undergrounds trains during covid 19
Undergrounds trains during covid 19

Status of the Covid 19 spread in Washington DC 

  • Now there are more than 105,557 confirmed cases 
  • Usually, there are 669 new cases per single day 
  • Per day there are 9 deaths taking place 
  • Altogether there have been 2359 deaths have reported 
  • For the welfare of citizens, altogether 2,405,284 tests have been conducted. From all tests, only 105,532 positive at the time.

    Use mask everytime, even it is made out of anything
    Use mask every time, even it is made out of anything

This is the status of Washington during this time period. The hospital facilities are now over the limit. There are only 14,540 licensed hospital beds. All regions of the world are in critical situations including Washington. Please follow all the healthy precautions to reduce the spread of the unfortunate pandemic. Please stay home to stay safe.

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