Are Udacity Nanodegrees a better alternative to college degrees?

In this article, we will be looking into the big change that everyone is experiencing from it as to choosing the study of the online course and choosing them as permanent to learn and how these online courses can prove to the college degree. Here, we will be going with Udacity Nanodegree and we will be seeing and discussing as to how the Udacity Nanodegrees can be used as an alternative for the college students or college graduates to have the chance to grow and learn while learning from Nanodegree programs and getting an excel in their career.

As we look into our professional life, there is always a need to upskill and cross-skilling ourselves and help to get us placed in good companies or the dream job we want and so want a platform where we can learn more than the theories and can be looked into a more practical way of learning things in the field of technology and how it can help them and for this, Udacity Nanodegree program is best than any other courses platform and can help you out more while you complete your college.

As the education are impacting us, it has seemed that the college degrees are getting less important, and so the value of online education and online course are becoming more and more relevant with daily topics and there are MOOCs based online courses which are becoming advantageous.

With the fast peace and world today, learning in class, coming to college not seem to be necessary and so tricks are being played in making the classroom teaching like experience in the online platform.

Now the same courses are being provided by Udacity course catalog and Udacity is an educational organization that offers MOOCs courses and started to provide computer science courses which were offered by Stanford University in 2011.

The company Udacity has been offering cutting-edge courses which are being built with the partnership with companies such as Google and Facebook, covering a wide range from entrepreneurship in technology to web design, data science, and so on.

So after saying so much about Udacity, you should be asking that what is Nanodegree. So Nanodegree presents the courses which are known to be challenging, but completely worth the time spent and it holds the balance between self-learning and instruction and it gives us the tools which can help us to understand and practice for the knowledge enhancement.

These nano degrees are being focused on in-demand skills which are needed in the field of technology and always consist of courses, project, and tasks which you can complete through the education you are pursuing. Hence I think that Udacity Nanodegrees are worth it time and money.

Now, let us see how Nanodegree holds an advantage over college degrees.

The Nanodegree programs are the industry-recognized credential which is being designed for students to advance their skills or get new jobs and with the collective effort by the team and industry leaders which are being curated to provide the hands-on learning experience of upcoming and for the current computer technologies. 

The Udacity Nanodegree programs are being built-in collaboration and being valued by the industry leaders like Google, Facebook, AT&T, Salesforce, GitHub and many more have been collaborating.

Now, Udacity Nanodegree programs are so going vast that some may think that it may be an alternative to the college degree and this can be true because Udacity has a various partnership with industry experts, and these industries require a certain level of qualification which are needed for a job profile and this Nanodegree program certification acts as the valuable credit to your career.

Now, high tech companies that need particular skill, are reluctant to commit to the time and money for a formal degree program. 

The individual drive to measure and get the skills and knowledge inconsistent, nonacademic ways is not new. These alternative programs can be offered as a certificate or even non-degree programs at accredited universities.

This being due to the reason as of seminars being ranged from hours to weeks and also being presented by professional organizations which are continued education programs which are continuity still now and some programs are targeting working professional which seek to update or can expand their existing skills set for making it to the industry and these alternatives are being online and have blended learning platforms.

The best part about these Nanodegree programs are these are being divided into topic-wise modules which comprise of short video lectures, exercises, quizzes and also contain some projects to be completed from the learner side so that to have the concept clear about the course they have completed and helps them to choose as to what career change they want.

These programs are helping the students to able to interact with various industry specialists in one-to-one talks and the students will have the chance to engage in weekly office hours session and collaboration with these highly skilled individuals and after the successful completion of a Nanodegree program, the team at Udacity Nanodegree platform can link to the college graduates with the various hiring partners which can allow them to get hired and get advance in career.

Now, there is a difference between a normal free course and a Nanodegree with the difference being as the Nanodegree program features the cutting-edge online curriculum which is being built with leaders and can be taught by expert instructors and with this, students who are college graduates can earn an industry-recognized credit and have extensive career support.

So in this article, we have discussed how Udacity Nanodegree platform and programs are the best and how they can be proved as close to the alternatives to the college degrees as these programs offer more than just that your college degrees as you have an interaction with the industry experts once you complete their online courses and making projects as being asked and with showing to them, it can help you to advance in your career and you can also have a chance of getting your dream job at the first place where except for you rest of the people will be just applying for the jobs here and there.

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