Anniversary cake ideas to have a sweet night with your partner

Do you remember the day you married your soulmate? It was a day full of love and laughter, and all your friends and family members were there to celebrate this happy and delightful day with you. But over the year you don’t celebrate this bond every day, it grows to be more magical every instant, you shape your relationship on a deeper level and understand each other’s importance more. Life becomes less about the glitter and shine and more about being the constant emotional support for each other. While you may not celebrate every day like your wedding, your anniversary can’t still be the best day of your life reminding you of your instincts of the day. 

To celebrate your anniversary no less than your wedding, we have a few wedding anniversary cake ideas you will love along with presents you can share with your beauties. 

  • A chocolate cake

Chocolate is the flavour of love and will always be hence what is better than this to gift to your husband or wife on the special day of your anniversary. You can make it nicer by adding some KitKat or Ferrero Rocher toppings that not just make it more chocolaty but more romantic too. 

  • A cheesecake

Just how light, creamy and subtle a cheesecake is your relationship too should feel the same. No pressures, no formality, just sheer love that backs the eternal bond. With this cake, you can pop open a bottle of wine that tastes nice with a treat like this and a beautiful gift won’t be denied by your husband or wife either. Be it a watch for you, man and pearls for your lady. 

  • An orange and vanilla cake

Like everybody else you too also share a sour and crisp relationship but do not hide rather flaunt this craziness in your relationship, then this orange vanilla cake is for you. It is exactly like it sounds a combo of vanilla and orange both sweet and sour. For dinner, you can have Italian that will go really great with this flavoursome treat. And don’t forget to slip along a pair of heels or a smart tie for your better half.

  • A coffee flavoured cake

Because all marriages have a stance of exoticness in them there cakes too should be that interesting. Hence bringing to you a coffee flavoured cake that is bittersweet just as you may like. And for the coffee lovers in the crowd, no other viable options prevail in the league of this exciting flavour. It is far from vanilla and chocolate but still lands somewhere on that number line. You just can’t guess. 

  • A red velvet cake

The colour of love is red, and so is the colour of the cake for your anniversary. A red velvet cake appears to have little crumbs of the treat, giving it the rough texture you crave, and its inside is creamy and smooth that you will not shy away from. When the theme of your anniversary is red seeing that your cake is red, your wife’s attire is red, why don’t you add to this, a bouquet of red roses. They smell so fresh and fragrant; it will be your token of love. 

We hope these five cake ideas bring newness to your love life and especially on your anniversary. If you are not interested in doing the usual and willing to step out of your box of ideas to shower love on your other half, this list could really be of help. 

Let us know how it went. 

Stella Andersen
Stella Andersen
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