5 Top-notch Elements of Gojek Clone 2022 That Makes Your Business Stand Out

Want to create an amazing app? Want to stand out from the competitors? It’s Gojek Clone App that you want.

Developing a Fantastic App! Because of recent technical improvements, almost every smartphone now has access to a diverse set of new mobile applications. Why shouldn’t they be? They’re a priceless tool that makes life much easier for you.

Comprising niche services into one and creating a Super App guarantees you the success you are looking for.

70+ Profitable Services Offered By Gojek Clone 

Renting taxis, cabs, and motorcycles, as well as transportation and logistics, food, groceries, medicines, stationery, flowers, and even medical marijuana, are all available. Hire a Delivery Runner to transport products from point A to point B, as well as Professional Car Wash Experts, Massage Therapists, and even Beauticians on demand.

This Super App has everything that you can think of.

Revenue Generation Features & Components Of KingX 2022

Book Your Taxis Instantly With iWatch App

Booking cabs has never been easier for your iWatch users, as you can now allow them to do it using their wearable smart watches.

We’ve included some of the industry’s best features to ensure that the Apple Watch software runs well and that your clients can experience the convenience of hailing a cab right from their wrist.

Delivery Genie

With the Delivery Genie & Runner Feature, you can give your customers a level of service they’ve never had before!

Your customers will now be able to hire a Delivery Person to pick up, drop off, or fetch anything from the city for them. Even simple errands, deliveries, and purchases can be done according to your Shopping List.

This is a very popular function that many customers employ on a daily basis.

  • Latest Logins – Face ID/ Fingerprint

Users with Android devices can sign in with their fingerprints, however iPhone users will need to use Face ID. However, customers must first activate the Smart Login Feature after successfully registering with the KINGX 2022 User App! Users can sign up using their social media handles, such as Facebook or Google.

  • Service Bidding Component

This component will allow your users to post task details on the Apps and allow Service Providers to bid on it in real time. The user will be able to choose the best BID based on the service provider’s cost, reviews, and ratings. This component allows your users to book services immediately or at a later date.

  • Online Video Consultation

This component will allow your users to schedule appointments with doctors, tutors, lawyers, astrologers, and other professionals, as well as study yoga. The App is used for booking, consulting, and payment. Covid has taught us that some of our work may be completed online rather than in person, and this category is dedicated to all such tasks.

  • Book Your On-Demand Services Multiple Ways

Customers can book using their smartphones, whether they are Android, iPhone, or Huawei. Tablets and iWatches can also be used.

People who are not used to work with the app can make their reservations over the phone call. The app has been designed keeping in mind the Woes and the Challenges of the people including elderly who are not used to using the app at all.

Thus, KingX 2022 includes advanced and complex features like “Booking Services” through “Website by Users” and by “Backend Team” from their Panel when they receive Service Requests via calls, to make it easier for them as well as people who are not very tech savvy.

Your customers will just phone you and give you the details of the service they want, and you will book it for them. Major services can be booked manually or through the website.

This ensures that you, as the business owner, may accept requests from customers who do not have the App and dispatch Services at the same speed as if they were done through the App.

  • Gojek Clone KingX 2022 Post-Covid Situation

KINGX 2022 features a number of Covid-Specific Features that are in direct compliance with the Covid-19 Safety Guidelines from the World Health Organization. Taxi drivers must now wear face masks, and the maximum number of passengers allowed per ride has been lowered to two for Mini Cabs. 

Additionally, both the rider and the driver have the ability to cancel the ride. There is also a safety checklist and safety ratings to guarantee that it adheres to the safety criteria.

Partnering It with App Development Company

When it comes to On-Demand Apps, you’ll want to hire the best one for Super App development. Choose an app development company with a proven track record of delivering successful On-Demand Applications for a variety of services. Examine their client testimonials and ratings to ensure that you are only choosing the best.

Mobile App Development Company is a world leader when it comes to Developing Gojek Clone 2022. With the changing of times and trends, their team ensures to keep up with the newest features and latest functionalities. To offers something new and unique to their clients their Gojek Clone KingX 2022 is a scalable app that can handle a larger client base. Available at affordable price, send your request for the Live Free Demo today.

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